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Google's First Mainstream AR Glasses

Google's interest in Augmented Reality has been no secret since their release of Google Glass in 2014. But now they're trying to make it mainstream for real!

Hardware by Jan 69

Altos Labs secures $3B and intends to Reverse the Aging Process through Rejuvenation

Altos Labs is the most recent player in the field of Anti-Aging Rejuvenation and is backed by some of the most influential and richest people in the world.

Longevity by Jan 151

Google's Next-Level Quantum Computer Company - SandBox

Google's new Quantum Computer company called Sandbox Technologies is attempting to use the newly discovered Time Crystals to make useful Quantum Computer Technology.

Hardware by Jan 178

Apple Headset to ignore Facebook's Metaverse Concept

Apple is about to announce its future AR & VR Headset but don't count on them mentioning the word 'Metaverse' in their presentation.

Hardware by Jan 151

The Fastest & Cheapest Robot Dog - Unitree Go1

Unitree Robotics has announced the cheapest and fastest Spot Competitor called Unitree Go1 at just around 1000$. It's price-performance ratio is incredible.

Artificial Intelligence by Jan 87

Why Intel says that Facebook's Metaverse is Impossible

Intel has now joined the ranks of people criticizing Meta's attempt of creating a Metaverse for privacy, ethical and even hardware concerns.

Hardware by Jan 120

How Artificial General Intelligence will be created

Everyone is trying to create an Artificial General Intelligence without a clear path to it in sight. This article explains how they might reach it.

Artificial Intelligence by Jan 174

NVIDIA's Megatron AI debates Humans and wins

NVIDIA's Megatron Turing AI is much bigger than OpenAI's GPT-3 and has now accomplished a feat previously thought to be impossible for Artificial Intelligences.

Artificial Intelligence by Jan 215

How Japan's Anti-Aging Vaccine will save Millions

Japan is at the forefront at creating a consumer-oriented anti aging vaccine that plans to prolong our lifes and make us more healthy in many aspects.

Longevity by Jan 231

Cortical Labs: Artificial Intelligence vs. Biological Intelligence

The age-old question of whether or not Artificial Intelligence or Human Intelligence is better has been answered by Cortical Labs' latest experiment.

Artificial Intelligence by Jan 150

Newest Elon Musk Interview: SpaceX, Tesla Bot & More

The newest Elon Musk Interview with Lex Fridman is about a wide range of topics. Everything from Tesla, SpaceX, the Tesla Bot and the meaning of life play part in this interview.

Interview by Jan 149

OpenAI's New AI GLIDE Generates Photorealistic Images

OpenAI's new AI Model called "GLIDE" outperforms every previously-released AI Model and can consistently turn your text into unique images.

Artificial Intelligence by Jan 230

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